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Providing local leadership of the globally agreed sustainable development goals on gender economic governance

MOHi leads national implementations to permanently assist governments and other international players with a clear vision on the direction to go and the goals to be achieved by 2030 and beyond


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Gender Economic Governance
Governments - National Strategies
Ministries - Capacity Building
Multinaltionals - Corporate Sustainabiltiy
UN Member States - 2030 National Priorities


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Managing corporate scale interventions on the ground assessing countries on the achievement of national, regional and international priorities

MOHi offers expertise in the management of corporate scale interventions for the implementation of strategic plans to integrate gender balance at all levels, translating decisions of intergovernmental bodies like the UN, ILO and OECD into actual management frameworks on the ground supporting countries on the achievement of national, regional and international priorities, with the purpose of establishing gender economic governance at the national level.


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