Gendered Approach to the High Level Political Forum 2018


NGO CSW/NY presents to you our A Gendered Approach to the High Level Political Forum 2018 that applies a gender lens and analysis to the six Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) under consideration at the 2018 HLPF: SDG 6 Clean Water and Sanitation; SDG 7 Affordable and Clean Energy; SDG 11 Sustainable Cities and Communities; SDG 12 Responsible Consumption and Production; SDG 15 Life on Land; and SDG 17 Partnerships for the Goals. After presenting each goal with its targets and indicators, there is an overview of the goal, a list of benefits of integrating a gendered lens into the SDG and a section on Best Practices and Case Studies with links to access more information.
I hadn’t realized how important and useful our Report is until I looked at the Voluntary National Reviews that have been submitted to date for HLPF 2018 and realized that SDG 5 on Gender Equality, let alone anything on women and girls, is rarely mentioned; if women are mentioned, it is in the context of reproductive health, maternal mortality, education, and security, not water, sanitation, clean energy, sustainable communities or responsible consumption. It is as if SDG 5 on Gender Equality was last year’s consideration without the realization that gender equality must suffuse all of the SDGs in order for them to be implemented.
The Gender Mapping Report of the HLPF 2018 UNGA was researched, organized and edited by the interns of NGO CSW/NY from Nepal, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the United Kingdom, Pakistan, China, Italy, Colombia, Australia, the United Sates, Ghana and Indonesia.
Do read the Report and use it when you are advocating for implementation of the SDGs with a gender lens. Learn about water-related employment for women, cookstoves for clean energy, the importance of safe public transport for women’s health and employment and the importance of women’s participation in responsible production or ideas on financing a Global Fund for Gender Equality. I urge you to read, learn, enjoy and advocate.
Susan O’Malley


Document: Gendered Approach to the High Level Political Forum 2018