Maternity protection at workplaces enhances productivity


A study of International Labour Organisation (ILO) says maternity protection at workplaces enhances productivity, reports BSS. Maternity Protection and Work-Family Specialist of ILO Lora Adet said maternity protection at workplaces bring positive results for small and medium organisations.

According to the ILO study, maternity leave with full pay is compulsory in 25 per cent of 185 countries, including Bangladesh. In 16 per cent countries, the employers gave partial benefits during the maternity. Currently, the duration of maternity leave in Bangladesh is 24 weeks or six months.

The government of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina increased the maternity leave from four months to six months for welfare of mothers and children through a gazette notification in January 2011. The ILO study says increase in facilities during maternity results in rise in production, particularly in service-oriented organisa-tions. This keeps working women fit physically and mentally, which is beneficial for both the employees and the employers. In Bangladesh, there are day-care centres at Bangladesh Secretariat in Dhaka and district headquarters for the children of women in public services. It is very essential for setting up day-care centres for children of female garment workers, who are the majority in country's labour market.